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Discover D.C. – The Great Blogdown to the 2010 ALA Annual Conference – #8

We’re in the home stretch — less than a week and a half before thousands of librarians and library staff from all over descend on Our Nation’s Capital.  And just in time for everyone’s arrival, Washington’s Metro transit system will be implementing round one of its FY ’11 fare hikes.  Not unlike many libraries around the country, Metro has been struggling to keep its budget balanced amidst declining revenue.  Thus, to keep a long story short, fares on Metrorail and Metrobuses will be increasing on Sunday, June 27 (pending final approval from the Metro Board on June 24), right during the Annual Conference.  Metro’s Trip Planner has already incorporated the new fares, so check it out to determine the price of your trip.

Here’s a quick rundown of the changes in Metrorail fares:

Regular Fare (Weekdays before 9:30am & 3-7pm, after 2am on Weekends)

$1.75 minimum, $4.60 maximum (before June 27)        

$1.95 minimum, $5.00 maximum (June 27 and After)


Reduced Fare (Weekdays 9:30am-3pm & after 7pm, Weekends before 2am)

$1.45 minimum, $2.45 maximum (before June 27)         

$1.60 minimum, $3.00 maximum (June 27 and after)


Note that Metro fares are based on the distance you travel.  The farther your trip, the more you’ll need to pay.  Metro farecard machines display one-way fares from your station to each of the other stations but these may not be updated right away on June 27.  (Metro instituted a temporary fare hike earlier this year, so add .10 to each listed fare for the pre-June 27 cost. I still forget to do this myself.)


Don’t forget to visit our wiki page  for more D.C. information and helpful hints.

– Chris    

P.S. On a lighter note, if you’re in the mood music and BBQ, while you’re here, check out the Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle on Pennsylvania Avenue, between 9th and 14th Streets on June 26 & 27.  There’s an admission fee ($10/adults, $5/children 6-12, children 5 & under are free).

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  1. Margaret F. Dikel

    For those of you considering driving to a Metro station, parking there and taking the subway into the conference, please note you may need to buy a SmarTrip card for $5 (you must then add money) to exit the parking lot! None of the lots take cash. Most are free weekends, but not all. That card will also serve as your farecard to get around on the Metro.

    And the Smithsonian Folklife Festival is also taking place the weekend of June 26-27 on the mall. Free to attend and walk the displays, and not too far from the Convention Center.

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