ALA Annual 2010

Discover D.C. – The Great Blogdown to the 2010 ALA Annual Conference – #6

If you need a few quiet moments away from it all, we recommend taking time to visit and reflect at the Pentagon Memorial.

                Perhaps few events in our lifetimes have had as large an effect on us as the tragedies that struck our country on September 11, 2001.  In September 2008, the nation’s first permanent national memorial to those we lost that day was opened on the west side of the Pentagon (the same side that was severely damaged that fateful day).  Each of the 184 memorial units (benches and lighted pools of water) commemorates the lives of the 59 passengers and crew of Flight 77 and the 125 Pentagon personnel who were taken from us that day.  The memorials are arranged along a timeline from the youngest victim to the oldest and are in alignment with the path of airliner that crashed into the building.  Additionally, each of the memorials to those on Flight 77 are facing such that you’re looking toward the sky when you read their names.  Likewise, those of Pentagon personnel face such that you’re looking at the Pentagon when you read their names.  And yes, you are welcome to sit on the benches and reflect, for that is, in part, the purpose of this memorial.

 If you have an iPod or other mp3 player, we recommend that you download the audio tour to enhance your visit to this sacred space.  Download it at

The Pentagon Memorial is accessible via the Pentagon Metro Station (Blue and Orange Lines).

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