ALA Annual 2010

Discover D.C. – The Great Blogdown to the Annual Conference #3

Well, just over 2 months to left to go and counting…..

For many of the tourists who visit Washington, D.C., the “high point” of their time here is a trip to the top of the Washington Monument.  Did you know that there are two other places to get a great view of our nation’s capital (and avoid the crowds)?

 The Old Post Office Pavilion

12th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Near Federal Triangle Metro Station (Blue and Orange Lines)

Built in 1899, the 315 ft. tower offers an observation deck at 270 feet, the third highest viewing point in D.C.  Enjoy the unparalleled views and check out the Bells of Congress, just below the observation deck.  Don’t forget to grab a snack or a souvenir at the shops and food court on the ground level.


Washington National Cathedral

Massachusetts and Wisconsin Avenues, NW

Construction was begun in 1907 and completed in 1990.  The Cathedral is the seat of the Episcopal Church in both the U.S. and Washington but it also functions as a spiritual center for Americans of all faiths and has been the scene of many national moments of mourning, including several presidential funerals.  The observation deck in the southwest tower is over 200 ft, high, but because the Cathedral sits on a hill, you’re actually higher up than you would be in the Washington Monument.  The Cathedral is second largest in the U.S. and among its curiosities are a piece of the Moon contained within in the famed Space Window and Darth Vader hiding among the cathedral’s many gargoyles.

Did You Know?   Over 220 people are laid to rest at the Washington National Cathedral.  Among the best known are a U.S. President, one of America’s most revered advocates for people with visual and hearing disabilities, and the woman who taught her to overcome her disabilities.  Who are they?

– Chris    

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  1. Angela Reynolds

    Try to get in a trip to the Library of Congress while there– last time, I got to visit the Folklore Center– what an awesome tour!

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