Professional Reading: Library Partnerships by Tasha Squires

 I know first-hand that the last thing any public librarian wants to think about during the craziness of Summer Reading programs is planning the next big thing, but according to YA consultant Tasha Squires, now is precisely the time to start thinking about any collaborations you may wish to have with your School Library counterparts.    Her new book, Library Partnerships: Making Connections Between School and Public Libraries lays out the basics for starting and maintaining successful endeavors between Public Librarians and School Library Media Specialists. 

The author includes parallel advice for School Library Media Specialists alongside advice for Public Librarians.  While it may seem more convenient for the book to be arranged in two parts:  one for public libraries and one for schools, integrating these two perspectives adds value to the work.  Squires gives public librarians a view of the obstacles that school librarians face and vice versa. 

Squires’ coverage is thorough — from reminders that not everyone checks their email on daily (or weekly) basis to making sure that your supervisors are on board with your partnership projects before you make a commitment.  While some of these pointers seem obvious, Squires was wise to include them because in the excitement of starting a new collaborative relationship, details can sometimes be forgotten.  She also offers a broad spectrum of general advice on topics such as resource-sharing, school/library visits, and a valuable chapter on technology-based partnerships.    Real-life examples are provided throughout, and chapters on maintaining and ending partnerships provide insight on issues that aren’t usually considered during the initiation of a partnership. 

No matter what stage of collaboration you are in, Library Partnerships provides guidance in an organized manner and includes a thorough index and a recommended reading list.


Library Partnerships: Making connections between School and Public Libraries.  Tasha Squires.  Medford, N.J. : Information Today, Inc., c2009.  ISBN 9781573873628.



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