December in the World of the School Library Media Specialists

by Brenda F. Pruitt-Annisette

December is one of those times during the school year when the school library media specialist becomes the jack of all trades, the grinch who stole the holiday spirit, or the deer in the headlights. Here’s why.

The K-12 media specialist juggles cross curricular “fires” throughout the school year. In December it is a little more challenging for those of us who feel that our staff and students want us to be involved in every concert, play, reception, open house, etc., that takes place. Never knowing just how to say “no,” we over extend ourselves to the point that December is not too much fun.

For those veteran K-12 media specialists who have learned how to say “no,” we are then perceived as the Grinch who lacks the holiday spirit. We are more concerned with completing the introduction of the research strategies students will need in order to complete the science fair project looming large in January. So what if the bulletin board is full of books to read during fall foliage. Winter does not officially start until December 22, 2007! Until then, the autumn theme works!

Finally, for those new to school librarianship, the deer in the headlights syndrome is the theme of the month. Do not fret, we have all been there and worn that same holiday fare. With the amount of energy the students are exhibiting combined with the frantic urgency of the teachers to tie up all instructional loose ends for the semester, the month becomes a swirl of activity that is quite surreal. Yes, you are there, moving between the real and the surreal wondering, “Can it get anymore hectic than this?”

Oh, but yes it can! Wait until January when everyone returns, ready to delve into the next program, project, and curricular deadline.

The excitement never ends. It is so much fun!

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