Organizational Support:
What Does ALSC Do?

As Priority Consultant for ALSC Priority Group IV, Organizational Support, my role is to facilitate the committees that review, recommend and prepare polices and budgets and to advise on issues affecting the organizational structure of the division.  Sounds kind of dry, doesn’t it?  But it’s not, because this group of committees contains the backbone of ALSC.  There are nine committees within this group:

  • Organization and Bylaws Committee develops for presentation to the Board of Directors a plan for the structure and function of each new committee or discussion group.  They also study, review and, if necessary, make recommendations to the board for revision of structure or function, addition, or discontinuation of committees and discussion groups.  They make recommendations to the Board on organization matters affecting ALSC as a whole, and to serve as liaison with the ALA Committee on Organization upon request of the Board, in an advisory capacity to priority group consultants, committee, and discussion groups on organizational matters in ALSC or between ALSC and other
    ALA divisions. They consider, develop, and present to the Board and subsequently to membership, suggested amendments to the Bylaws, as well as assist in interpretation of the Bylaws to the Board, the membership, and the ALA Constitution and Bylaws Committee.
  • Budget Committee advises the ALSC Executive Director in preparation of an annual budget based on the priorities established by the Board, submits the budget to the ALSC Board for approval and reviews on a regular basis the dues structure and interacts with ALA and other divisions on the Planning and Budget Assembly.
  • Charlemae Rollins President’s Program Committee plans the program to the membership at the annual conference from a noted person in the library or related field.  At annual 2007 the President’s Program sponsored Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and President of the Children’s Defense Fund.  This year’s committee is in contact with a dynamic and exciting speaker, but it’s a surprise, so stay tuned!
  • Local Arrangements Committee makes it possible for us to have our conference in their fair city.  Without them no conference would be possible.  Philadelphia and Anaheim are tremendous places for our Midwinter and Annual conferences!
  • Membership Committee plans campaigns for recruiting and keeping ALSC members. Their efforts fill our rolls with fresh new faces.  They plan and facilitate orientation sessions to welcome and introduce new members to ALSC.
  • Nominating Committee selects candidates for election for the following year and fills any vacancies.
  • Preconference Planning Committee makes possible the informative and valuable preconference programs at annual.
  • Program Coordinating Committee serves as a liaison between ALSC committees and groups who are developing programs for conferences, institutes and preconferences to ensure quality and eliminate overlap.  It also works within the organization to encourage and stimulate creative programming that will provide a wide range of themes and topics appealing to a diverse membership.  It reviews program proposals for membership appeal, relevancy, quality and value.  Finally, it provides support in actual planning and implementation once approved.
  • National Institute Planning Task Force provides an opportunity for concentrated training outside the usual time frame of a conference.  The institutes are held in different locations each time making the training available to attendees in all parts of the nation over several years time.  The two-day 2006 institute was centered on the topic “Children’s Services Today and Tomorrow” and was held in
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Wow!  Isn’t this a great group of committees?!  Don’t forget you too can become a member of an ALSC committee by filling out a volunteer form and expressing an interest in one of these and other committees.

As I receive updates on what each committee is doing I’ll update here on the blog.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me, Cecilia P. McGowan at, Priority Consultant for Group IV.

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