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Virtual and Augmented Reality! An #alsc20 Highlight by Eileen Drummond

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Virtual Reality, augmented reality – what is the difference?  How can a non- video game playing librarian like myself, incorporate this technology into a library program?  My own inclination is to shy away from technology that I don’t understand because I worry how I can help young people utilize that technology.  The 2020 Institute session “Virtual and Augmented Reality: Designing Immersive Learning Youth Programs” led by Zachary Stier introduces librarians to the idea of using virtual and augmented reality to educate and enhance the learning experiences of young people.  Augmented Reality is what the game Pokemon Go is.  It is interacting with digital elements using a smart device.  Virtual Reality is being immersed in an entirely new world.  I initially wondered  how can video games could be educational because the video games that my sons play, Fortnite and Star Wars Battlefront, do not seem to have much learning potential.  To…