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Working With Teen Parents at Your Library: Where to Begin

Teens don’t stop being teens once they become parents. Libraries around the country are finding ways to serve teen parents in their dual roles as teenagers and parents. If your library is considering programming for young parents, or you are continuing to think about how your library acts as an inclusive space, here are some things to keep in mind. Why Serve Teenage Parents Adolescence presents challenges with physical/mental health, finishing education, finding employment, and more. In addition to the struggles of growing up, young mothers are responsible for health care, child care, the material necessities for childcare, and raising their child. They struggle with isolation from their peers. Libraries are uniquely positioned to be a resource that patrons can use to help them succeed as young adults and parents. Where to Start Finding Community Partners- Reaching out to groups and organizations in your community is not only crucial to…

ALA Annual 2016

Teaching Teen Parents Key Skills

Courtney Saldana and Ady Huertas gave a great presentation about serving teen parents at #alaac16. Ady’s program for teen mothers is amazing.  The teens learned different skills over the course of 10 weeks. The library brought in different speakers to workshops attended by the teens during their regular school day. Topics varied from journaling, coping with mental health issues, career prep, crafting, and the most popular event: dressing for success.