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Summer Reading: Let’s Work Together

When my role was a Children’s Librarian, I was working at my first branch in the inner city inNew York. Children and their caregivers would often come to the library with long reading listshoping that we had anything on their list at the branch. We often would ask the students comingin during the summer if we could make a copy of their summer reading list. We did so due toeach school and potentially each grade/class had a different summer reading list. What aburden to caregivers to try to locate several titles? During my second summer, I had a thoughtbubble moment. I thought, “Why isn’t the public library working with our public schools increating a summer reading list?” Public libraries and schools are natural partners in creating andpromoting summer reading and reading lists. Libraries offer a wealth of resources for childrenand their caregivers, including books, summer programs, summer themed events andincentives….

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Imagine Your COVID Summer Slide Story!

Darth Vader reading on a playground slide

Imagine Your COVID Summer Slide Story? Summer slide in the age of COVID.  I don’t think anyone can really imagine what this summer will look like in terms of a summer reading program for any age group.  The show must go on, though – so let’s imagine your story together! Scheduling Scheduling a time for your summer reading program is essential.  Pick you set of dates, beginning and ending, as well as your “big” program days.  You’ve had some practice with online programming by now.  Now, just do it bigger! Space Familiarity is critical for your audience.  It gives a sense of anticipation, a recognizable (or branding) setting, and a reassuring repetition.  If the space you’ve been using for online programming isn’t as polished as you’d like it, time to refine!  Sound problems?  Get them ironed out!  This is crunch time! Supplies Your list of supplies this summer is going…