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Spring 2016 #EAChallenge: Championing School Libraries and School Librarians

The Spring 2016 Everyday Advocacy Challenge (EAC) entered its third week on Tuesday, March 15, with this Take Action Tuesday prompt: Champion the importance of school libraries and school librarians. Read on to find out how Skye Corey, Rosemary Kiladitis, and Stacey Rattner took on the Week 3 challenge with a few small—and even some huge—steps that make a big difference for students of all ages! Skye writes: At the heart of Everyday Advocacy is the belief that small steps make a big difference. As part of this week’s challenge, I took the small step across the road to visit the neighboring middle school librarian. We had a great conversation, and I left with a page-long list of practical steps that I could take to support the work that she does. From MakerSpace outreach programs at lunch, to weeding help, to coming up with a better system of exchange for when students return public library books to…

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Spring 2016 #EAChallenge: Introducing Everyday Advocacy to a Colleague

The Spring 2016 Everyday Advocacy Challenge (EAC) entered its second week on Tuesday, March 8, with this Take Action Tuesday prompt: Introduce Everyday Advocacy to a colleague. To help them tackle this challenge, all Spring 2016 EAC cohort members received three advocacy buttons with tip sheets and three Everyday Advocacy one-page flyers to share with library colleagues and community members. Read on to find out how Rose Hopkins-LaRocco, Angela Petrie, and Mary Voors took on the Week 2 challenge and won big! Rose writes: This week’s Take Action Tuesday Challenge was to introduce a colleague to Everyday Advocacy. We were given Everyday Advocacy buttons and tip sheets and were asked to give these to colleagues and start a conversation. I gave one button to my supervisor and another to my coworker. They were both thrilled to get them and immediately put them on. They both noted how easy it is to get caught up…

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Spring 2016 #EAChallenge: Writing a Diversity Elevator Speech

The Spring 2016 Everyday Advocacy Challenge (EAC) kicked off on Tuesday, March 1, with this Take Action Tuesday prompt: Write a diversity elevator speech using value-based language. Spring 2016 EAC cohort member Gayle Pulley enjoyed the experience of organizing her thoughts and beliefs into this concise statement on the importance of diversity in library service to children: It is my responsibility as a librarian to provide all children with access to a diverse collection of materials and programs. The library gives them the opportunity to discover the world they live within, not merely an exclusive reflection of their own community. Exposure to diversity allows all children to develop into informed, responsible, and respectful global citizens. In reflection on her Week 1 experience, Gayle writes: Making the art of advocacy an essential practice is an effective tool in communicating the library’s important impact. Composing an elevator speech was a perfect first step in preparing for those…

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Spring 2016 #EAChallenge: Take the Plunge with Us!

Take a deep breath, Everyday Advocates: We’re plunging headfirst into the Spring 2016 Everyday Advocacy Challenge (EAC), which starts today! Even if you aren’t part of our 15-member cohort convening from March 1-22, you can still get in on the action. Here’s how: Check out the Take Action Tuesday blog on the Everyday Advocacy website to join our cohort in four weekly challenges; Add yourself to the EAC community on ALA Connect and follow the rich discussion between cohort members; and Promote the EAC on social media using #EAChallenge and #TakeActionALSC. Need a little inspiration before taking the plunge with us? Meet Colleen and Cathy, two members of our Spring 2016 cohort. While initially hesitant about participating in the EAC, children’s librarian Colleen Cochran is eager to learn how becoming Everyday Advocate can help her reach current and potential patrons. Already confident in her advocacy role, library media specialist Cathy Collins looks forward to learning new…

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Everyday Advocacy Challenge: Meet the Spring 2016 Cohort!

Everyday Advocacy

Who’s ready to take the Spring 2016 Everyday Advocacy Challenge (EAC)? Our next cohort of bold and daring Everyday Advocates is—and we hope you are, too! From March 1-22, our cohort of intrepid volunteers will do the following: Commit to completing four consecutive Take Action Tuesday challenges on advocacy topics/themes of their choosing; Collaborate with their EAC cohort members over the four-week period, sharing successes and troubleshooting issues via ALA Connect; Write a post for the ALSC blog about their EAC experiences; and Contribute a reflection for the April 2016 issue of the Everyday Advocacy Matters e-newsletter. Before the Spring 2016 EAC gets underway next week, we’d like to introduce some of our cohort members and their reasons for taking the four-week challenge. Watch for their sure-to-inspire ALSC blog posts beginning Tuesday, March 1! Keturah Cappadonia, Librarian, David A. Howe Public Library (N.Y.) “I want to take the Everyday Advocacy Challenge to help develop my skills in…

ALA Midwinter 2016

ALSC helps YOU with advocacy #alamw16

Aside from checking out great new titles, sitting in on book discussions, and listening to speakers, I had the opportunity to meet with the members of my virtual committee who were attending ALAMW too.  Bonus! The ALSC Advocacy & Valuation Task Force is a two year task force focused on advocacy and valuation using outcome/output measurement. One of our most shocking take-aways so far is that many members don’t know about or use the Everyday Advocacy website and newsletters, created specifically to help YOU with advocating for youth services.  Take a few minutes today to check out the important work Jenna Nemec-Loise is doing and participate in her January 5 challenge to set a 2016 advocacy goal for yourself.

ALA Midwinter 2016

Harry Potter Alliance and Youth Advocacy

While browsing the exhibits at ALA Midwinter, I came upon the Harry Potter Alliance and its work on organizing youth to participate in National Library Legislative Day – mainly by creating local chapters in schools, libraries, youth centers, etc.. to enlist passionate readers in youth advocacy.  Of course, I also had to buy this wicked awesome (note my attempt at Boston lingo!) t-shirt: These local chapters “serve as an access point for young people who are passionate about stories to become civically engaged and lead projects that improve their communities.” (  The HPA envisions librarians being “most heavily involved in creating their chapters, planning the first few meetings, and identifying potential leaders among the young people in attendance.” Are you as intrigued as I am? You can send questions via a virtual owl (HPA brilliant lingo!) to their Chapters Staff at to learn more.  

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The Final Stretch: Act Now for School Libraries!

Everyday Advocates, do you have 30 seconds for school libraries? In the same time it takes you to read this post, you can make a lasting difference for school libraries, school librarians, and our nation’s students. Here’s the low-down: Last week the House voted in favor of much-needed reforms to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), but we’re not there yet. Now it’s time to ask your U.S. Senators to do the same. Ask your U.S. Senators today to vote “Yes!” on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Conference Report. The Senate vote is scheduled for Wednesday morning, December 9. Call, tweet, or e-mail your U.S. Senators today and ask for their “Yes!” votes on this critical legislation that includes school libraries in many important ways. Visit the ALA Legislative Action Center for detailed instructions on how you can reach your U.S. Senators with this critical message. Then spread…