Blogger Maria Trivisonno

Happy Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is this Saturday, February 10th, and we are entering the Year of the Dragon.  I do not pretend to be an expert on the Chinese zodiac, but dragons are believed to be auspicious beings, meaning that the year they represent can be filled with changes, opportunities, and challenges.  This year, I have happily also noticed that it may also be filled with books, written in English for our customers, that delve into the Lunar New Year festitivies.  This post hopes to highlight a few. 

Blogger Suzi Wackerbarth

Dementia (and love) in recent picture books

Some of the children you work with may have grandparents or neighbors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This post is about books that talk about older people or grandparents who have dementia, and the children in their lives. We are learning so much these days about sensory play and toys, and how the senses are so important for folks with neurodiversity. Well, guess what? Dementia is another type of neurodiversity!  We all have personal stories, and sometimes a blog is a place to share them. Today I will share just this: a lot of us have people in our lives who are losing words, or places, or memories.  A few weeks ago, I was working a holiday at our central location. While pulling books for people that had holds, the books that were jumping out at me to look at along the way were the books about grandparents with…

ALA Annual Conference 2021

Poster Sessions for Children’s Services at #ALAAC21

I have always loved to take a little bit of time to peruse the poster sessions at in person ALA Annual Conferences. Most of the presenters are from the academic world and usually have nothing to do with my job as a children’s librarian in a public library. However, I still like talking to people who are passionate about their work. There is usually something I can learn and use in work as a public librarian. Once in a while the subject relates directly to serving children. So, I explored the virtual poster sessions this year. While I missed being able to ask questions, it was still fun to see how excited the presenters are about their work. Here are a few projects that can be useful to us working in children’s services. “A Bibliography of Children’s Literature to Celebrate Multilingualism and Facilitate Translanguaging Pedagogies” by Grace Enriquez, Ed.D. and…