ALSC Board

2014 ALSC Election Results

Many thanks to all of the candidates who ran for division office this year. These folks put their time and talents up for the division and we thank them. Here are the results from the 2014 ALSC Elections: Vice President/President-elect Andrew Medlar Board of Director Doris Gebel Julie Roach Kay Weisman 2016 Caldecott Committee Lauren, Anduri Alan Bailey Brian Fahey Jill Bellomy Karen MacPherson Sarah Bean Thompson Tess Prendergast Tessa Michaelson-Schmidt 2016 Newbery Committee Allie Jane Bruce Cheryl Lee Christine Scheper Destinee Sutton Eric Barbus Joanna Ward Shawn Brommer Ty Burns 2016 Sibert Committee Alan Bern Eric Gomez Grace Ruth Nick Glass Susan Lempke 2017 Wilder Committee Maria Gentle Carolyn Phelan Kathleen Isaacs To learn more about ALA’s election results, please visit the ALA Election Information page.