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Snow Days!

We recently had a snow day, both for the students of our area and for the public library where I work. I remember snow days of my youth, patiently waiting for our school district to be called over the radio station or for its name to appear at the bottom of the television crawl. (Yes, I’m dating myself here.) The anticipation….followed by the joy of a random day off! Even though I was “that kid” who loved school, I also loved being at home, usually curled up with a book. And then when our daughters were school-aged, it was the same:  the joys of relaxed expectations, crafts, board games, and, of course, books!

If you find yourself celebrating a snow day, whether through a storytime or a display, here are some titles that will add SNOW much fun!

book cover for The Snowman Shuffle by Christianne Jones

The Snowman Shuffle by Christianne Jones; illustrated by Emma Randall. This board book is a joyful celebration and could work equally well in a movement storytime or a winter/snow storytime. Perfect for a toddler storytime!

book cover for Waiting for Winter by Sebastian Meschenmoser

Waiting for Winter by Sebastian Meschenmoser. Kids will love being in on the humor as Squirrel, Hedgehog, and Bear eagerly await — and are afraid to miss — the first snowflake! A sky full of falling toothbrushes? Storytime gold!

book cover for The Snowflake Mistake by Lou Treleaven

The Snowflake Mistake by Lou Treleaven; illustrated by Maddie Frost. Rhyming picture book? Check! STEAM content? Check! Lends itself to an art project? Definitely! The messages of resilience, trying your best, and accepting imperfection are added bonuses to this fun read-aloud.

book cover for I'm Going to Build a Snowman by Jashar Awan

I’m Going to Build a Snowman by Jashar Awan. Creativity and a growth mindset reign supreme in this new title that’s going to be added to my regular winter storytime rotation in the future!

book cover for A Big Bed for Little Snow by Grace Lin

A Big Bed for Little Snow by Grace Lin. Along with the companion A Big Mooncake for Little Star, this is storytime perfection! The page turns heighten the anticipation as Little Snow’s mom almost, but doesn’t quite, catch Little Snow in the act of jumping on his bed. Use this for winter or bedtime storytimes over and over again.

book cover for Snow Day! by Candice Ransom

Snow Day! by Candice Ransom; illustrated by Erika Meza. This brother-sister duo from take on all the fun of a snow day: from building forts to having snowball fights, from sledding to enjoying cocoa with friends.

book cover for Toys Meet Snow by Emily Jenkins

Toys Meet Snow by Emily Jenkins; illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky. Jenkins brings back her characters from the chapter book, Toys Go Out. Each toy has its own take on the snow: curious, poetic, or factual. Their adventures outside will delight you!

book cover for All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle

All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle; illustrated by Barbara Lavallee. Another book I find perfect for reading aloud at storytime, as the kids will chime in as they realize all the things you really need for a snowman!

book cover for Before Morning by Joyce Sidman

Before Morning by Joyce Sidman; illustrated by Beth Krommes. An exquisitely illustrated, beautifully poetic ode to snow and its impacts on the world. A quiet, lyrical, gorgeous book.

Are you a fan of snow? What are your favorite wintry books? Please share in the comments below.

This post addresses the ALSC Core Competencies: I. Commitment to Client Group, II. Programming Skills, and IV. Collection Knowledge and Management.

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