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Pilgrimage to Powell’s at #PLA2022

Portland, I am in you! I arrived Monday night and attended an amazing pre-conference yesterday (more on that later). And of course my colleagues and I had to make a pilgrimage to the City of Books, Powell’s Books.

The entrance to Powell’s Books – photo by Abby Johnson

We spent plenty of time wandering around Powell’s literal city block of books. I was especially captivated by their self-directed marketing. There were shelf-talkers of all kinds everywhere! I really want to replicate some of that when I get home.

Display of Powell’s “kid picks” – photo by Abby Johnson

This was their display of Kid Picks, each suggestion written by a child patron. I love how they used a shelf talker to encourage more kids to participate, and I could definitely see libraries making this work!

A readalike shelf talker – photo by Abby Johnson

They used shelf-talkers to suggest readalikes, point out critically-acclaimed books (so easy, you can just pull a quote from a review!), and highlight local interest titles.

Shelf talker for a critically acclaimed book – photo by Abby Johnson

I know shelf talkers are a little different for libraries since we often don’t have copies in quantity, but I bet we could make these work in some way.

Shelf talker for a local interest title (and an awesome book) – photo by Abby Johnson

Do you use shelf talkers in your library? How do you make them work for you?

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  1. Aryssa

    This is on my schedule for tonight! Fingers crossed no rain!

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