PSA: You Know Who’s Awesome? You Are!

It’s been a tough few years, with more uncertainties ahead. We’d like to take a moment to pause and pass out virtual gold stars to you, and you, and you!

How are you so awesome? Give yourself a star for every time:

  • All your planning went sideways.
  • You did the pivot dance. 
  • You learned a new kind of technology.
  • You experimented with new ways to deliver services.
  • You stepped up to provide patron services you normally didn’t do.
  • You helped keep your library open with the bare minimum of staffing.
  • You kept your calm on the outside when your inside was screaming.

We’d wager that you have enough gold stars to wallpaper your library. Queue the thunderous applause! Is it any wonder that you feel so tired?

Now that you’ve paused to reflect on everything you’ve achieved (yay you!), how are you holding up?

The Great American Resignation is real, and you’ve likely seen it at your library. We hope that you’ve had the chance to refill your job satisfaction tank and aren’t eyeing the exit. But if you’ve had more withdrawals than deposits, here are a few of our favorite ways to practice self-care:

  • Yoga. Stretch out the stress of the day and calm down with deep breaths.
  • Take the “you time” to recharge. Read something because you want to, not because you need to. Watch something fun and silly, 10 minutes of cat videos can be quite restorative.
  • Let yourself log off from work. Problems will still be waiting for you, but chances are they won’t feel so overwhelming.
  • Feel all the feels. Give yourself permission to explore your emotional reactions.

What are you doing to prevent yourself from burning out? Please share in the comments section. 

Congratulations on your role as youth services professionals that “creates and maintains a physical and digital library environment that provides the best possible access to materials and resources for all children and their caregivers.” (ALSC Competency 2.1)

Writing this post for the Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee is Angela Nolet. She is an Online Library Services Librarian at King County Library System. This commentary reflects her opinions and thoughts but does not officially represent KCLS. Reach her at anolet@kcls.org.

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