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Winter Solstice & Hibernation

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Monday, December 21st marks the first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. With our shortest day and longest night of the solstice coming up, I thought a post highlighting Storytime books for a hibernation theme would be timely. Here are a few recommendations published in 2020. Please comment below with your favorite hibernation titles for Storytime!

The Snow Fox by Rosemary Shojaie

Nico is a little red fox that spends spring, summer and autumn with his three friends, Ava, Olive and Linus. When his woodland friends hibernate for the winter, Nico is left all alone in a snowy wonderland. He unsuccessfully searches for a friend to keep him company during the long winter. To pass time, Nico builds a fox from snow. Little does he know, he’s about to become friends with a real snow fox. A story about cherishing old friends, perseverance, and making new friends.

A Story for Small Bear by Alice B. McGinty, illustrated by Richard Jones

Autumn is ending and a chilly breeze is drifting in, which can mean only one thing– it’s time to hibernate over the long winter. But before Small Bear does, she’d like for Mama to tell her some stories. Mama agrees, with one condition: all the preparation must get done– no dilly, no dally. So Small Bear tries to be good, venturing off to find sprigs for her winter bed, splishing and splashing in the stream, and climbing up, up, up into the tall forest trees in search of acorns. When she finally returns home, Small Bear snuggles down with Mama in their den. Did she make it back in time? “You did,” Mama answers, and pulls her in close. And then Mama tells the most wonderful tale of a little bear–just like Small Bear–who, while enjoying the world around her, saved just enough time for stories.

Snoozapalooza by Kimberlee Gard, illustrated by Vivian Mineker

Count to ten with these cuddly forest creatures as they settle down and hibernate for the winter. Friends of all sizes, from bear to mouse, pile together in one furry heap to endure the snowy season. With adorable illustrations and rhyming verse, Snoozapalooza will warm even the deepest chill.

This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: IV. Collection Knowledge and Management & III. Programming Skills.

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  1. Linda Wessels

    Bear Snores On, by Karma Wilson
    The Valentine Bears, by Eve Bunting

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