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Updated: Children’s Librarians Are Experts at Building Collections That Reflect Their Communities

 In November 2018, I wrote a blog post for ALSC that shared a list of diverse booklists and blogs; resources that could help us as librarians build the best collections for our communities, and went beyond what is typically highlighted outside the Youth Media Awards each year.

I thought it was time to update that list. Those of you who read the initial post years ago will see that all of the original sites are still there. If they’ve ceased publication or are no longer updated, I have made note of it. I didn’t remove anyone, as their archives may be of use to someone building a collection, or creating a bibliography.

As with last time, if something is missing, please add it in the comments- I will update the list as comments are made. Additionally, please let me know if you think a resource should not be on this list.

Something missing? Please add it in the comments below!

This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: I. Commitment to Client Group and IV. Knowledge, Curation, and Management of Materials.


  1. Debbie Reese

    Crazy Quilt Edi
    Blogger: Edith Campbell

    1. Alyson Feldman-Piltch Post author

      Thank you for this Debbie, and apologies for the delayed reply!

  2. Dani Danylo

    I think this is a wonderful list, so thank you! I’d like to suggest adding Colours of Us ( They feature lists of diverse books based on recommended age, ethnicity, and subject. They also add a list of new diverse books every month, which I find helpful.

    1. Alyson Feldman-Piltch Post author

      Thank you Dani, and thank you for the recommendation! Apologies for the delayed response- Aly

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