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Enjoying The Last Word

CAL Rewind, ALSC's Children & Libraries

ALSC’s journal Children and Libraries (CAL) offers scholarly articles, practical pieces on library programming and services, and interviews with award-winning authors and illustrators, among other content. But, did you know that CAL also has a feature called “The Last Word?” A short and sweet feature on the last page of the issue, The Last Word, over the years, has highlighted upbeat, human interest essays that celebrate the spirit of childhood, reading and libraries.

And, who can’t use some lightheartedness right now? Take a little quiet time to curl up with your favorite beverage and phone, tablet or laptop to enjoy these short stories from the front, which have populated the very back of Children and Libraries.

The Path to Poetry

The Last Word: Pitching PoetryThe Last Word: Pitching Poetry
by Laura Purdie Salas

According to children’s author and poet Laura Purdie Salas, poetry gives so much to readers. Its powerful language builds better readers and writers, and, is just plain fun! To celebrate national poetry month, enjoy “The Genre Chant,” Salas’s poem about reading that puts poetry first.

The Power of Duct Tape and Imagination

The Last Word: Another Fish StoryThe Last Word: Another Fish Story…
by Amy Peterson

What do you do when a chameleon named Barry joins the family and your goldfish needs a new home? If you’re a resourceful librarian, you recruit “Goldy” as the library’s new “reading fish.” Librarian Amy Peterson describes how a library’s efforts to find a therapy-certified reading dog ended with a piscine hotline that gave children a unique reading experience.

Magic, Unicorns and … Spider-Man Undies?

The Last Word: Get This Potty Started!The Last Word: Let’s Get This Potty Started!
by Jenna Nemec-Loise

You truly know you are an important part of a toddler’s life when he is excited to share with you his successful completion of potty training! Meet Everett, soon to be three, and Miss Jenna, the self-described “friend and champion who helped Everett get his potty started.” This anecdote will not only make you laugh, it also will remind you of just how special librarians (YOU) can be to the children they serve.

Your Turn!

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