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Recent Posts Related to Current COVID-19 Pandemic and Children’s Librarianship

Recently the ALSC Blog has offered a variety of posts related to working through the current COVID-19 pandemic. Resources, ideas for projects to work on at home while on temporary “Stay-at-Home” orders, professional development ideas, coping skills, and more.

Because I know we are all struggling to catch up and work & live under these “new normal” conditions, here are a few of the relevant posts which have appeared recently:

These Are Unprecendented Times #COVD-19 by Emily Mroczek-Bayci

This paragraph in particular spoke to me: It’s OK to not do anything, it’s OK to try to do everything, it’s OK to do a little bit of both. Find your “new normal” and see what works. Not every library has the capacity for digital story times, some people have families they need to take care of, others might be simply overwhelmed by the magnitude of everything. For others, there may be a sense of balance in work, and it can be soothing to have a taste of normalcy. My favorite take-away from this piece is “It’s OK to not do anything, it’s OK to try to do everything, it’s OK to do a little bit of both. Find your “new normal” and see what works.” <Thanks, Emily!  I needed to hear this!>

ALSC Is Thinking of You and Asking for Your Strategies in Coping with COVID-19 by Cecilia McGowan

Encouraging online discussion, the ALSC President addresses some of the concerns encountered and resources available for children’s librarians. You are invited to share your thoughts about how you are coping and what successes you are finding as you navigate the world of living through a pandemic.

Library Partnerships in a Time of Crisis by Leigh Fox of the Building Partnerships committee

How are libraries and librarians responding in our communities— specifically as it relates to some of our partner organizations and institutions during the current pandemic? Relationships with educators, utilizing relationships to help each other and our customers; and building cooperative partnerships  to create virtual programs online are all discussed.

Self Care During Closure by Amy Steinbauer

How do YOU stay sane in the current climate? Read how one librarian utilizes a daily schedule focusing on

  • Health– Body
  • Health– Mind
  • Creativity
  • Cleaning
  • Social Activities
  • Work Activities

to make sure she continues to carve out adequate time for both self-care and routine activities.

Tomorrow’s blog post will offer even more information about navigating our lives during the pandemic. Titled “What to do in a global pandemic was not taught in library school!” and written by Mahasin Abuwi Aleem of the ALSC Membership committee, this piece addresses some of the many professional development opportunities available virtually.  You might want to read this piece and use it to think about how you can use this time to enhance your personal and professional growth.

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