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Avoiding Burnout and Practicing Self-Care at #PLA2020

In a packed MCC Davidson Ballroom, librarians talked about the ways in which our profession can (and frequently does!) lead to burnout. After talking through the environmental, mental, and physical stressors of librarianship, we talked about ways to keep yourself sane at work.

How can we practice self-care at work? When you’re feeling stressed and you’re at work, here are three simple techniques to quickly lower your stress levels.

  • Lockbox Meditation – close your eyes and imagine your stress as a physical object. PIck it up and lock it in a box until you have the mental space to deal with it.
  • Muscle Meditation – Lay flat on the floor. Close your eyes and tense and release your muscles, starting with the toes and working your way up.
  • 4-7-8 Breath – Breathe in for 4 seconds.Hold the breath for 7 seconds, and then exhale entirely for 8. Daily deep abdominal breathing reduces anxiety, reduces stress, and increases endorphins and the oxygen levels in your brain.

The biggest takeaway was to schedule time for self-care. Make it a part of your work routine. Make sure you take your breaks, and make self-care a component of your daily routine. Check in with yourself. And be kind to your bladder!

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