ALA Midwinter 2020

Mail Those Books and Swag Home #alamw2020

Midwinter is winding down, and many of us are now in possession of bags and bags full of free swag. Books, tote bags, books, pens, books, posters, books …   you get the idea. Instead of trying to squeeze all of your finds into your luggage, consider using the Post Office that’s right on the exhibit hall floor.

That’s right. You heard me. There is a temporary U.S. Post Office right on the exhibit floor. I mail all that stuff home. No more struggling to lift that carry on bag into the overheard compartment.  No more repacking at the airport so my bags aren’t over the weight limit.

It is so much easier than trying to haul them to plane, train, or automobile. And the added bonus is that I get a package in the mail a few days after I get home.  And there are always a few surprises in the box, because, let’s face it at one point I buckle and start accepting books willy nilly from publishers and have no idea what’s been thrust into my hands. Don’t judge. Most of you have been in the same place.

Instead, I find a discarded box (you can usually find them near the recycling bins on the exhibit floor) and take my bags of goodies straight to the Post Office.  They even provide tape and markers for free. They also provide priority mail materials free of charge, and offer flat rate boxes. Personally, I prefer to ship my boxes by media mail rate. It takes a little longer to arrive, but is much cheaper.  So far, I’ve mailed back two boxes and the combined shipping fees came to $19.

This cool service is super convenient, and saves time,  money and a trip to the chiropractor.

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