ALA Midwinter 2020

Exploring Philly at #alamw20

If you can manage to leave the convention center– (which with this nice weather, you should!) there is so much to eat in Philly!

In the last 24 hours– I have trekked to Big Gay Ice Cream for a Salty Pimp– vanilla soft-serve cone with salt and dulce de leche sauce dipped in chocolate! If you love ice cream and the Golden Girls– check this place out!

On the way to get some ice cream– you may pass a big wheel of fortune! It’s an Atlas of Tomorrow— think of an open-ended situation/problem in your life– spin the wheel and see what fortune there is to discover. When I spun the wheel, I tried to think about my career path– and I got the result of “The Streetlight” about being a beacon to others– which is how I like to think of my library work. Give it a whirl, and see what is possible.

When I needed something more than conference coffee, some pals and I headed to A La Mousse for the most adorable dessert ever– does it count as a fruit if it looks like a mango, but is filled with mousse and jelly? These are real questions you can ask when your eyes deceive you with their Instagram worthy desserts.

Mango Mousse

I’m sure that everyone has enjoyed some good food in Philly! Share some new discoveries in the comments below!



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