ALA Midwinter 2020

#alamw20 – where to go from here?

This was my second ALA Midwinter, and the first one I’ve been to since 2017. I didn’t get to the YMAs this year, but am THRILLED that the Newbery went to Jerry Craft’s graphic novel, New Kid. (Thanks to everyone posting the YMAs as they were announced, too – I was refreshing my Twitter and Instagram feeds like a woman possessed this morning!)

It was exciting to be back at Midwinter. There’s an energy at this show you just can’t describe, you need to feel. I got to spend some time with my ALSC mentee, Samantha; even though we didn’t get a chance to write that joint blog post at MW, maybe there’s another one in the making soon! I got to attend my first committee meeting; got to see publisher and librarian folks I normally only get to chat with online; and brought home SO MANY BOOKS.

Seriously, SO many books. This was just the first day.


In which I fangirl shamelessly for Erin Yun, author of Pippa Park Raises Her Game (center), and Nicole from Fabled Films Press good-naturedly humors me.


So what’s next? There are a lot of whispers, a lot of rumors, a lot of talk about what Midwinter will look like in the future. For now, I’m going to keep reading my ALSC and ALA blogs, check in with folks on ALA Connect, and just wait and see. For now, though, thanks, Midwinter, for giving me a little book-loaded oasis to get me through the year-long month that is January. I hope to see you next year.

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