ALA Midwinter 2020

#alamw20 Here We Come, Philly!

Yes! There’s nothing like the first day of the Midwinter conference. Meeting up with old friends, getting to know new friends, mapping out your day, and getting a lay of the land. And of course, the opening of the Exhibits, which is fun and overwhelming and a serious challenge for those of us who are trying to be moderate with our book-grabbing-and-hoarding tendencies.

I flew in today and had just enough time to go to the exhibits. Accomplishments? I only took back one smallish totebag of books, which showed remarkable restraint on my part. Every year, I swear to myself that I will not, cannot, must not take so many books, but I am weak. This year? We’ll see. I’m getting better. But…I did snag a copy of Victoria Jamieson’s new book, When Stars Are Scattered, which is the best thing ever! And then, ahem, there was Rory Power’s new book, Burn Our Bodies Down, and then…Oh my.

The Exhibit opening is so festive. Everyone is excited and happy, there are appetizers and drinks, and, you know, tons of books! Not so long that you are completely sapped, but just long enough to get you excited about the next few days to come. Philly, prepare yourself—the librarians are here!

Exhibit opening crowd
Look at all the happy librarians!
Yummy food at the exhibit opening

Sarah Hashimoto is serving a third year on ALSC’s Membership Committee. She is a Community Engagement Manager for Jackson District Library in Jackson, Michigan.

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