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Holy Cupcakes! Batman Turns 80

80 Years of Conceptual Continuity

Batman Day is coming up!  Are you prepared?  Monday, September 16th, 2019 marks the day it all began.  The Batman character was born out of tragedy and flew into the psyche of comic book aficionados worldwide.

In terms of conceptual continuity, lasting 80 years is unprecedented in just about any franchise you can name. Calling Batman a franchise seems almost sacrilegious.  The Dark Knight has become one with the fabric of our culture.  Fifteen years after he qualified for that discount at the movies, the Bat is still in very good shape.  Here’s how you can get in touch with your inner Bat and bring him to life at your friendly neighborhood library. [Ed: hey, Jonathan, that was a Spider-Man reference]

Brush Up on Your Bat

There’s no better resource for you to brush up on your Bat – or any DC character – as DC’s very own online encyclopedia.  Here’s the main Batman article.  Turn to this resource whenever a verbal melee breaks out in your teen section about the DC universe.  For example, the question of who created the Batman character.  Well, it was either Bob Kane, Bill Finger or Bob Kane AND Bill Finger.  Ask Two-Face to flip a coin.

No time to read all that?  Here’s some condensed Bat history for you: Bat Bio in just a few paragraphs

No idea where to begin when it comes to reading Batman books?  No problem!  Here’s the best Batman reading list EVER!

Batman Party at the Public Library

A Bat party at the public library is easy, but is it meaningful?  If you want to truly celebrate Batman’s landmark anniversary, let’s put on our thinking cowls!


Ok, here’s a shameless cosplay plug.  I cosplay.  Here’s my attempt at the Gotham By Gaslight Batman.  Enjoy and take it easy on me in the comments  ; ))

Some nut. Ok, it’s me.

























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  1. Kevin Brand

    80 years, I thought he was getting old when I saw Ben Affleck! Love the suit man!

    1. Jonathan Dolce

      Indeed, many Batman universe characters are turning 80 this year — Catwoman is being celebrated even as we speak! And thank you — the suit was fun to build!

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