ALA Annual 2019

This Recap Does Not Give Justice to Justice Sotomayor at #ALAac19


Sonia Sotomayor entered to a standing ovation to which she replied, “My favorite people! I love librarians” because librarians open the world to children and give them opportunities they otherwise could not have. Early in the discussion, she came down off the stage and wandered through the audience hugging and shaking hands with adoring fans!

She said so many inspiring things, here are a few of my favorite quotes and details:

  • She is “living proof of how libraries can affect people for life.”
  • She loved going through the old library card catalogs!
  • Her first chapter books were “Nancy Drew.”
  • In 6th grade, “Lord of the Flies” really affected her-she wanted to become a lawyer so she could help people see that laws serve us as a community
  • Laws help us make sacrifices for the greater good
  • Our greatest obstacle in life is fear.
  • “Most important skill for librarians is reading our minds.” (The best librarian can talk to you and help you think through thoughts with great clarity.)
  • “You have to try…even if you fail.”

I can’t wait to read her new children’s book, JUST ASK, about the richness of variety and differences in the world.

It is Justice Sotomayor’s birthday on Tuesday, so the presentation ended with the entire room singing, “Happy Birthday.”

I cried several times and have decided that I would like to start every morning listening to Justice Sotomayor.

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