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2019-20 ALSC Board of Directors Candidates

In an effort to help ALSC members make an informed decision before they vote, this afternoon’s blog post consists of statements from the six candidates standing for election to the ALSC Board of Directors.


  • April Mazza
  • Laura Lutz

April Mazza is standing for election as an ALSC Board of Directors candidate.

Headshot of ALSC Board candidate, April Mazza
Photo credit: Christi Showman Farrar

I am very honored and excited to stand for election to the ALSC Board of Directors. If elected, I would focus on the areas of inclusion, accessibility, and equity. I believe these are important values not just for the communities we serve, but for the larger library community as well. These are areas that I have been working on professionally and personally and I believe I bring passion and thoughtfulness to the table. In my current position at a state-supported non-profit that serves all types of libraries in Massachusetts, I strive to listen and learn as much as possible from the library community. Having a statewide view of the field is a unique perspective I would bring to the ALSC Board. As a special note I would like to point out that I stand for election with one of my Newbery Committee members, Laura Lutz and I am so proud to do so! It may seem unconventional to say, but if Laura is elected, I would be thrilled as I can’t think of a better person to whom I could concede. I think no matter who you vote for, you will be represented by an outstanding board member!

Headshot of ALSC Board of Directors candidate, Laura Lutz
Photo Credit: Kate Morgan Jackson

Laura Lutz is standing for election as an ALSC Board of Directors candidate.

I am thrilled to stand for election to the ALSC Board of Directors. Like you, issues of equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion are top of my list of professional concerns, especially as they relate to recruiting (and retaining) new librarians. These issues also need to be taken into account when asking how to best serve the Association and our various communities, ensuring that what is being enacted makes real sense and real change going forward. To the Board, I offer my 20+ years experience in working with children and those who serve them. I have held a wide array of positions, including in public libraries, school libraries, and publishing houses; these experiences have provided me with a rich and sweeping knowledge of the multiple facets of children’s librarianship. Additionally, I offer my incontrovertible sense of humor and passion for what I do, as well as my proven success as a diplomatic leader, thoughtful collaborator, and enthusiastic team player. Lastly, I am excited to stand with my fellow 2017 Newbery Committee member, April Mazza. I cannot think of a better person with whom to share the ballot and, no matter who is elected, ALSC will be gaining an outstanding Board member.

New to ALSC Board of Director —  1 to be Elected

  • Maggie Jacobs
  • Chelsey Roos

Maggie Jacobs is standing for election as a “New to ALSC Board of Directors” candidate.

Headshot of Board of Director Candidate, Maggie Jacobs
Photograph Credit: Sioux Nesi

As an informal educator who believes in the importance of building curiosity and thirst for knowledge in children from birth, I am convinced of the enormous impact that libraries can have in shaping the lives of our young patrons. I am also convinced that libraries have a key role to play in equalizing educational opportunity and achievement.

At the New York Public Library, I have spent the last six years building a department of librarians and educators who are driven by the mission to create a culture of reading and learning. We accomplish this through programming that organically integrates reading and uses very engaging, experiential activities that build important skills such as creativity, critical thinking and collaboration – all with the goal of creating a uniquely joyful learning environment for children.

In my work as a “New to ALSC” board member, I would bring an educational lens to the board’s work in Learning and Development (such as through the Education, School Age Programs and Services, and Early Literacy committees) to help build a workforce of librarians who embrace their roles as educators and possess the self-confidence and skills to serve as their young patrons’ trusted guide to reading and learning.

Head shot of Chelsey Roos
Photo credit: Josh Lieu

Chelsey Roos is standing for election as a “New to ALSC Board of Directors” candidate

Having worked as both a teacher and a librarian, I believe that it’s incredibly important to support not just every child, but every caregiver, teacher, and friend who helps each child learn, grow, and explore all kinds of literacy. Children thrive in a community of adults who can lift them high, and I know ALSC’s members are a strong part of that network in every community. I believe that it’s central to ALSC’s mission to provide the tools and support our members need to make their creative, collaborative ideas a reality in their libraries, schools, and community meeting places. As a teacher, I believed that collaborating and responding to my students’ diverse ideas was central to my mission, and as a librarian I have been able to expand that spirit of collaboration to my community. If I were to serve as a member of ALSC’s Board of Directors, I would bring these experiences with me, so that I could support and honor the voices of all of ALSC’s members. I know it is our different backgrounds, heritages, and life experiences that will make us the dynamic organization we need to be to support our vibrant communities.

Fiscal Officer — 1 to be Elected
  • Matt McLain
  • Amber Creger
Matt McLain is standing for election to the ALSC Board as the Fiscal Officer candidate.
Headshot of Matt McLain
Photo Credit: Amy McLain

I’ve been involved with ALSC for the past eight years, having been on the Early Childhood Programs and Services Committee. I also chaired it and the Advocacy and Legislation Committee. I was subsequently appointed to serve as Priority Group Consultant for Group I—Advocacy. Currently, I am on the Budget Committee.

I have had the opportunity to see the many great things that are happening within ALSC. I want to continue offering support that I have seen from our current and past Fiscal Officers, providing opportunities for committees to receive funding to complete their work, and keeping an eye on the fiscal strength of the organization.

There is an amazing talent pool of volunteers serving in ALSC. As PGC, it was so rewarding to see the work that the committees were completing. I loved helping connect committees who were working on complementary activities. My hope is to continue that work if elected.

My experience within ALSC as well as the opportunity I’ve had to serve as Treasurer for the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), makes me a great candidate for this position.

Headshot of Amber Creger
Photo courtesy of Amber Creger

Amber Creger is standing for election to the ALSC Board as the Fiscal Officer candidate.

Youth Services is my passion and my joy. For the past 14 years, ALSC has been my home within ALA: it’s where I’ve found inspiration, made meaningful connections, and participated in destiny shaping professional development opportunities. Over the years I’ve served on and chaired numerous committees, including the 2014 Newbery Committee (go Ivan!), the Children and Technology Committee, and the School Age Programs and Services Committee.

If elected as the next Fiscal Officer, I will bring to the board my budgetary experience in planning for and managing a 1.3 million dollar budget. Having served for the past three years as an ALA Councilor-At-Large, I will bring an understanding of the big picture issues within ALA that could potentially affect our division both organizationally and monetarily. It’s an exciting and challenging time for our organization and I enthusiastically look forward to working collaboratively with the other board members to insure our member’s voices are heard and represented when decisions are rendered.

According to a recent press release from ALA, polls will open at 9 a.m. Central time on March 11, 2019  and will close on Wednesday, April 3 at 11:59 p.m. Central time and will take place exclusively online. To be eligible to vote, individuals must be members in good standing as of January 31, 2019.

This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: Professionalism and Professional Development; Administrative and Management Skills.

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