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Snake oil salesperson?

"Snake Oil Salesperson?" graphic

I'm a parent now! 6 months old and cute AF [image of baby]. I didn't read much about newborns when I was pregnant [image of pregnant person reading, only escapist YA fantasy]. When baby was born I flipped out and ordered 10000 books in a panic [image of person next to books saying HALP]. Man, most parenting books are so lame! Full of how your kids should be ]image of parent holding baby, saying "you should be sleeping 3 more hours" and baby saying gaa?]. Now I look at our parenting section wtih fear and distrust [image of person looking at books saying "Snake oil!" and books saying "iron clad knowledge" and "truth".

Do you guys have a Parenting Section in your library? We moved one to the kids room and now I can barely look at it without feeling anxious, and I hesitate to recommend books. Maybe there’s an opportunity to teach media literacy to new parents?


Lisa Nowlain is a youth librarian and artist type in Nevada County. CA. Find her work at

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