ALA Midwinter 2019

Wrapping Up #alamw19

While my flight home might have been unexpectedly canceled, I still feel like I’m floating on air from #alamw19. It is a wonderful feeling being surrounded by fellow library lovers. You are never short of things to talk about while killing time waiting for a session or presentation to begin.

A mentor once told me that the world, and the library world in particular, is a pretty small place, and I think I am beginning to understand what she meant. Just a few sentences into meeting a new person at #alamw19 and I find that we are connected in some way whether it be by our co-workers, professional service/committee work, other library friends, or just a shared adoration of a favorite book. It reminds me a little of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game, with less Kevin Bacon and more librarians. Sometimes I have even found that I have actually talked or worked with the person virtually before but never met face-to-face!

The sessions are wonderful, the talks are enlightening, and the chance to listen in on or participate in committee work is invaluable, but the greatest thing for me has been meeting and learning from all my fellow library people in those brief, spare moment conversations that are hard to replicate online. That’s what really makes these conferences worth the exhausting days and long travel!

Hope to see you all at Annual 2019!

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