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Resolve! Be Resolute! Not Another Resolution

BE Resolute!

This is not another resolution article.  There are no top-10’s, lists, take-aways or look backs to 2018.  Sorry.  Instead, I want you to resolve to be resolute this year and ever after.

A Better You

Being a better you is easier than you think.  Shoot.  Okay, look, what follows is kind of a list, but is has nothing to do with 2018, only 2019.

How can you possibly be any better, you may ask.  Here’s some tips to improve, stand out and generally be better than you were before you started reading my post.  No, really.

Be alert!

Being alert means more than simply being wired.  Having said that, if you are a caff-feind, then you should know there’s a military-grade algorithm fir optimizing your caffeine intake:












Secondly, for me, being alert has become second nature when shopping, either in a store – ANY store – or online.  I do my utmost to always, always, always make my purchases when they are on sale and almost never stick to one brand.  You can achieve this several ways:

  • When shopping online, always check RetailMeNot before you check out to see if there are any coupon codes available for where you are shopping
  • Always check the clearance section of websites you shop.  Excellent example would be Dover Publications, Reading Warehouse and FirstBook Marketplace (if you’re not a member, join!  It’s free!)
  • In your fav stores, familiarize yourself where the clearance sections are and make a point to at least glance through them every time you are in the store.  I score amazing things, espc at IKEA almost every time I go.
  • Look for free things from non-profits!  They exist!  My fav is Distribution to Underserved Communities Library Program that provides libraries that qualify with high-quality art books.  You can apply once a year and get a ton of art books shipped for free to your library.
  • Skim through charity shops.  It helps you and helps them!

Doing these simple things can become second nature, and will enable you to get not just stuff for yourself, but items for giveaways, items to add to your collection(s), craft materials, gifts for volunteers, and reading incentives.

Don’t just webinar – resolve to educate yourself!

Webinars are great for continuing education.  But this year and ever more, I want you to do more than just attend a webinar.  You can make yourself much more valuable to your employer (and future employers) very easily, self-paced and if you want a certification, it’s pretty cheap.

Last year, I was tasked with attending and reporting back on a few work-related topics as part of my annual evaluation.  I did one better: I took an online course through – which is backed by University of Michigan – and paid a whopping $30 to get a certificate at the end. I could’ve done it for free and skipped the certificate, but I wanted that concrete evidence of my accomplishment.  Explore the site, and you will find courses that will fit your situation.

Looking Great

No, we’re not talking power suits, hair cuts or accessories.  We’re talking “10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings“.  [Editor: Jonathan, you said no top-10s or lists!]

All Work, No Play – Resolve to be good to yourself!

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man health, wealthy and socially dead” — Yakko Warner.

Make some time for yourself.  One of my fav [Editor: you used “fav” too many times in this article] things to do to take even just a few minutes to transition from one task to another is to explore websites that waste time.  As promised, no top-10s here!  No sirree, here’s a top-27  instead!  Everything from Pottermore to Lego Movies can eat up your time – here you go!  The 27 Best Websites for Wasting Time.

Wanna read instead of surf?  Well, TedTalks has put out a list of 88 books you may wanna pick up this summer – The Ted Reading List


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