ALA Midwinter 2019

Being a tourist at #alamw19

Blogger Amy Steinbauer, and friend Paula Langsam

This is your reminder to actually visit the city you are conferencing in, like here in Seattle for #alamw19! Sometimes attending a conference can be like going to the airport in a new state… are you even really there if you don’t leave and go out and see the city? We can get really bogged down by all the good work, networking, and cool events; that we forget to enjoy the city we are visiting.

Tonight, my good friend and I dared to brave the 10-minute walk (ha!) to have some local food– including the amazing S’More sundae featured below from Shug’s!

S'More Sundae from Shug's
S’More Sundae from Shug’s

I always try to maximize my conferences– and use them as opportunities to explore cities that I may not otherwise see. So far this trip, I got to reconnect with a friend from college whom I haven’t seen in 8 years! It’s a good time to blast on social media that you are coming and looking for recommendations and reconnections. (As long as your comfortable with it).

Enjoy Seattle!

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