ALA Midwinter 2019

ALA Council at #alamw19

ALA Council meets three times during each conference– on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday mornings. The sessions are open unless noted and there is no better way to really get to know what ALA does and how it operates.

It can seem like everyone is speaking a different language, but there is a fine art to the procedures… one that is learned over time. But you do need to immerse yourself in it to figure the moving parts out. If you work for a large and or complicated library system– you will have an easier time!

The reason it can be so nitpicky– is that the implications of words and policies are ripples outward that we may not see– so we have to be especially careful the how and why of how we choose words, something council is sure to debate!

This is my 2nd year in Council, and I love being able to vote on policies that are committed to diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and the ability to open our profession and policies to recognize and support all.

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