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Meet Your ALSC Board – Julie Dietzel-Glair

In this monthly feature, we profile ALSC Board members. We hope to offer information about the people who work to guide the organization so that you can feel more comfortable in reaching out to them with your concerns, questions, or comments. To continue this series, we invite you to meet ALSC Board member, Julie Dietzel-Glair.

Image of Julie Dietzel-Glair
Courtesy of Julie Dietzel-Glair

Why did you join ALSC? How long have you been a member?

I joined ALSC in 2001 when I was pursuing my MLS. To be honest, I joined only because it seemed like the right thing to do. And now? I wish I could go back and thank my younger self. Joining and being active in ALSC has been one of the most important career decisions I’ve ever made. The networking, leadership, and educational opportunities have been exceptional. Conferences are a lot of hard work but also feel a bit like a vacation with the coolest people.

What strengths do you bring to the ALSC Board of Directors?

I’ve been active in ALSC since 2006 and have served on numerous committees and as a priority group consultant. My favorite committees have been the process committees (especially Organization and Bylaws). Because of that, I have a pretty decent knowledge base of how ALSC operates. Of course, there is always more to learn and I’m excited to do so.

I also bring a variety of job experiences to the table. I’ve been a children’s librarian, a branch manager, and an assistant children’s services coordinator. I’m now a freelance library consultant and have had the joy of writing three resource books for children’s librarians and training people across the country in early literacy and summer learning. My favorite part of conducting a training session is what I get to learn from the attendees; I want to bring that practice to my time on the ALSC Board.

What have you learned – or what do you hope to learn – while serving on the Board?

I am the ALSC Division Councilor. That means that I serve on the ALSC Board and as a member of the ALA Council. I’m learning about how Council works and how ALSC and children’s library issues fit into the big ALA picture.

What do you wish ALSC members knew about ALSC or about the ALSC Board of directors?

ALSC Board of Directors meetings are open! Please join us. You can stay for the whole meeting. You can stay for one hour. It’s really up to you. I’ve sat in on many ALSC Board meetings over the years and have witnessed interesting discussions about important topics. We love seeing new faces and you get a chance to learn more about the association. It’s a win-win situation.

ALSC members should reach out to me if…

Please contact me if you have any questions/thoughts/concerns about Council issues. I am always happy to listen and share information. Find me at a conference, contact me via email, or give me a call if you’re going to be in Baltimore.

Want to know some silly things about me? I participated in the ALSC Member of the Month series way back in 2014:

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