ALA Annual 2018

#alaac18 And the author said…

It was my first Coretta Scott King Breakfast so I didn’t realize how many tissues I would need.  Here are some of the amazing comments from the award-winning authors and illustrators who spoke at the breakfast:


“I know what it’s like to feel invisible.  I needed all the pieces of me to be seen.”  Renée Watson

“I now carry poetry in my purse because you never know when you might need one.”  Ekua Holmes

“Children need to see in books beauty, courage and ingenuity.”  Eloise Greenfield

“You are built to be impenetrable. But you can’t be impenetrable if you are being ignored.”  Angie Thomas

“Love is our light.”  James Ransome

“You know I’m usually the coolest dude in the room.”  Derrick Barnes  ( As he took the napkin from Jason Reynolds to stop up the tears.”  A standing ovation followed him back to his chair.)

“I try my best every single time.”  Jason Reynolds

“Those books were made for me.”  Gordon C. James

“There are modern day heroes. Let’s tell more of those kinds of stories.  We need more books like CROWN.  What CROWN has done has changed the conversation.”   Charly Palmer


I’m definitely stocking up on the tissues for next year…it’s going to be the 50th Anniversary of the Coretta Scott King Awards and you know…you just know… they are going to bring the house down.






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