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If humans were oviparous

I have been looking around at all the pregnant people at our library and thinking hard about what life would be like if we laid eggs. Would we need incubators at the library? Would we have storytimes for eggs? Babies might come out a lot more developed, so we’d have to change baby storytime. Hopefully there would be more gender equality.

If we laid eggs instead Elliott and I could take turns (bye darling!).  There would be incredible technology - Incubator 1.0 plays all your favorite songs! Our brains could be huge! (No way I pushed that out, says lady looking at kid with huge head). Birth would be chill (Hi! I'm your child! says a child coming out of an egg).

Honestly, this month’s post is a little wackadoo because your humble Youth Library is losing it over Summer Reading (and all the programs that happen before it).

Lisa Nowlain is the Youth Librarian at Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada County, CA. She is also an artist type.

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