ALA Midwinter 2018

Namaste, Library Peeps : Getting My Zen On at #alamw2018

One of the coolest amenities at ALA Midwinter 2018 was the Yoga / Meditation Room. I hope many of you had a chance to stop in for a moment, or two, or …. just hang out and be present for a while.



For the past few conferences, ALA has been sponsoring the yoga / meditation room. Since I am moderately obsessed with yoga (although I’m not sure if that is a very “yogi” thing to say) I stopped by Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and got in some abbreviated practice.

Even if you don’t have a yoga practice, being able to sit down and collect your thoughts and just BE for 10 minutes or so can be beneficial to both your mental and physical health.

I found the room here in Denver to be an oasis of calm.  Dim lights, soothing music, mats and meditation cushions as well as chairs and benches were available. It was the perfect place to rejuvenate for that second trek around the exhibits.

I’m currently working towards my RYT-200 certification to become a yoga instructor.  If all proceeds as planned, I’ll be teaching yoga storytimes for Summer Reading.

My yoga addiction started innocently enough: I took a class a week at my health club. One class became, two, then three.  I branched out to yin, vinyasa, and power yoga. Now I feel out of sorts if I don’t practice (either in class or at home) daily.

I’m not suggesting that everyone needs to take up yoga, but taking time to take a few moments each day just for yourself, to listen to your heartbeat, and just be “in the moment” is refreshing.

There are many free guided meditation sites available online, youtube channels, audiobooks, etc.  Personally I log in to to get free meditation sessions during break times at work. It offers a variety of short meditations that help me to re-focus on stressful days.  At home I tend to go to amazon prime video.  There are lots and lots of “free” meditation videos available with prime membership.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that ALA brings the room back for Annual 2018 in New Orleans.  And if it’s there, maybe we’ll cross paths. I’ll be the one getting my zen on.

Namaste, library peeps.


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  1. Emily D

    Hi Alexa! Fellow Illinois librarian here! I’m curious – what route are you doing to get your RYT-200 certification?

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