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We LOVE Our Volunteers

Love is in the air! Can you feel it? I hope you can all feel the love that ALSC has for you. We are an association that could not function without the hard work, dedication, and passion of our volunteers. This past weekend many of our members were volunteering their time, talent, and treasures to conduct face-to-face committee work. At the same time, our virtual committees have also been hard at work sharing their same gifts to move the work of the association forward. Throughout the year, both groups are committed to the mission of ALSC. For all this work, I say thank you!

Each year, I send out many Valentine’s Day cards to family and friends as an unexpected gesture to let them know I love and appreciate them. Although I can’t personally send each and every one of you a physical card, please consider this post my virtual Valentine’s card letting you know how much you are appreciated.

Process Committee Appointments Beginning

As you are reading this, some of you may not be ALSC committee volunteers – yet. Others of you may be current volunteers thinking about what you’d like to do next in terms of service. Now that ALA Midwinter 2018 has come and gone, I am ready to being my process committee appointments for ALSC. I’ve been encouraging everyone to submit a volunteer form. If you haven’t submitted your form, there is still time. I’ll begin by making appointments for priority group consultants and process committee chairs first, and then move on to appointing members of these committees. Appointments are for committees whose work will begin at the end of ALA Annual 2018.

What are the process committees you ask? They are all the super important committees aside from the media awards. You can find a list of the committees here as well as a descriptions about what the committees do here. Please keep in mind that there is also a listing of taskforces on the committees web page. Committees are permanent while taskforces are temporary. Taskforces have a specific mission and once that mission is completed, their term ends and the taskforce is disassembled. For this reason, members are unable to indicate an interest in joining a taskforce on the volunteer form. As new taskforces are formed, calls will go out seeking member interest. Additional information about committee term length as well the ALSC policy related to frequency of service on committees, is available midway on the Volunteering and Appointments Process page on the ALSC website.

Who are Priority Group Consultants (PGCs)? PGCs are ALSC leaders who are the liaison between specific ALSC committees and the ALSC Board. They are available to help committee chairs, answering questions, offering insights, giving advice, etc. There are seven PGCs (one for each priority group of ALSC): Child Advocacy, Evaluation of Media, Professional Awards & Scholarships, Organizational Support, Awards, Partnerships, and Professional Development. Additional information on the work of PGCs is available here.

As I have said before, I am passionate about giving as many people an opportunity to serve. I will do my best to find a volunteer spot for as many different members as possible. If I don’t find a spot for you immediately, don’t be discouraged as opportunities for new taskforces, midyear appointments, etc. open up throughout the year.

Suggestions for Committee Chairs and PGCs

If you are a current committee chair whose term is ending, maybe you have suggestions for a current committee member that would make an awesome chair. If you do, please email me! I’d love to hear from you. Similarly, if you are a PGC whose term is ending and have suggestions of someone that is super organized to take your place as PGC, please let me know.

Love to ALSC Staff and More Love to ALSC Volunteer Members

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to our amazing ALSC Staff for their hard work and dedication to the association too! Elizabeth Serrano made the “love”-ly graphic for this post, Aimee Strittmatter and other ALSC staff members have been working on making the volunteer and appointments pages of the website more user friendly (a project that we will continue to streamline throughout this next year), and all the ALSC staff have put in long hours preparing for Midwinter, handling onsite logistics in Denver, and keeping everything running smoothly. Thanks to each and everyone one of you. Lots of love to ALSC staff!

On this day of vocally sharing affection for each other, I wholeheartedly shout from the rooftops: Thank you everyone! We really love our volunteers! Looking forward to finding meaningful association work for all of you!


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