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All I Want for Christmas

This is total fluff. Total! In the face of real actual wishes – ie dismantling white supremacy in the library and out, preserving net neutrality, and etc and etc (I could go on)- this is silly. But here you go.

It would help my sanity when meeting new people (ie at holiday parties etc) to see these stereotypes as good outreach opportunities but some days I have just totally had it.

Yes I have a cat and wear cardigans. But I don't shhhYes I love books but I don't read at work. Yes our books are organized, but that doesn't mean I'm obsessed with Dewey (In fact Dewey is Eurocentric and homophobic which is more important than the numbers). Yes the internet exists but libraries are still important.


Lisa Nowlain is the Youth Librarian at Madelyn Helling Library at the Nevada County Community Library in California. She is also an artist type and you can see her work at

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