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Above the fold and locally famous

Going on the radio to promote early literacy and library services was surprisingly fun, and a great outreach tool in my rural county where people aren’t always able to make it to the library and storytimes. Below is a comic about my experience.

When I worked at Darien Library in CT, whenever we were on the front page we would joke that we were a rockband called Above the Fold and Locally Famous. Here in Nevada County, CA, I haven't been great at getting in the paper. However, I've been on the local radio four times. It's live and they always ask me to sing, so that's the toughest part. I'm so not musical. I just pretend it's storytime and tell listeners it's early literacy! It's a great outreach tool and great rockstar training. Good night, Nevada City!


Lisa Nowlain is a Youth Librarian in the Nevada County Community Library system in California. She’s also an artist type and you can see her work at


  1. Anonymous

    Please add alt-tags so your visual graphic is accessible to the visually impaired. Thank you.

    1. lisa nowlain

      Hi Anonymous,
      There are already alt-tags in the image; is there another accessibility issue that I can address to make sure it’s accessible to the visually impaired?
      Thank you!

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