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Growing Pains


Jackhammers, shattering glass, cranes, bulldozers, earthmovers, and more.  Things have been pretty chaotic for me and my coworkers this past month.  We have started a Library expansion project.  So, that’s where my mind has been turned lately.

It’s been exciting and frustrating in turns.  The construction noise has been a challenge for us and our patrons. I wish I could accurately describe the cacophony.  It is fun to watch the construction work and to chart the progress of the project.




We are packing up books and furniture to put into storage: the movers arrived this morning.  Finding materials has become a bit of an adventure. Many collections have been shifted or moved entirely.  Shelving is coming down and being relocated.

Meanwhile we are trying to carry on programming and services as per usual.   We are running five youth programs this morning, one youth and one teen program this afternoon, and an adult crafting program this evening.



When completed, the Library will have several more study rooms, a dedicated teen space, a computer lab, a makerspace, a quiet reading room, an expanded early learning area, a new storytime/program room, a youth create space, new offices for the Youth Services department, new conference rooms, and reconfigured offices for all the other departments.  Whew!

The final results will be worth the growing pains, but the interim will be an experience to remember.

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