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Summer Reading Wind Down – time to amp it up!

Inaction is not an option!

2017 Summer Reading might be winding down, but it’s time to amp it up for next year!  Next year’s theme is ‘Libraries Rock!’.  STEM and STEAM programming have tons of crossover applications to music.

Here’s a few ideas to get you stoked for next year!


Got ukes?  How about a ukulele club?  Learning to play a few chords on ukulele is super easy – anyone can learn.  Nail C-F-G chords and you’d be floored how many songs you can play with ease.  We’ve been teaching all summer long and the kids are lovin’ it.  Next summer would be a great opportunity for you to start up your own club.  We searched around and found starter kits, complete with ukulele, bag, picks, tuner and extra strings for only $34 on sale on Amazon.










Teens will truly go for this.  The Oscilab Groovebox is a free app for Android and iPad at the Google Play Store.


You can’t beat a great set of percussion instruments for all kinds of programming.  Amazon has a ton of great sets and this one especially is a great value:









You mean, like, VH1?!

Yes!  VH1 has some fantastic STEM/STEAM music resources!


Streets are STEAMing!

Sesame Street dedicated all of Season 43 STEAM and you know they’re going to have some amazing tunes!  Go grab some ideas!

Not only that, but you can check out clips from Elmo the Musical, which incidentally is a STEAM focused production!


So when patrons start commenting, “What’s all that noise?!” you tell ’em, hey dude, “Music Powers STEAM Education and the Brain“.  Download the presentation and, um, well, blow their minds!

Just remember: music education allows for a more efficient use of attention-related resources in the pre-frontal cortex.  Or, um, better attentional focus, and stronger impulse control…or even better, this is your brain on music!



  1. Crypto Cipher Academy

    Searching here and there for music updates. Totally agreed with 2017 Summer Reading might be winding down, but it’s time to amp it up for next year.

  2. Jonathan Dolce

    Keep in touch! If you find great resources, please share!

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