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Back to School: Books for a New School Year

With the new school year starting very soon, books about hot summer days will soon give way to stories about the fun and importance of school. If you’re looking to add unique titles to your “back to school” displays or bibliographies, these books will definitely give readers a new perspective on daily school life!

Rain School. Author/illustrator: James Runford.

(image: James Runford)

Rain School was inspired by James Runford’s experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kélo, Chad, where teachers and students rebuild their school and desks after each rainy season. I recently read this to a daycare group consisting of children ages 6-12, and they were spellbound!


The School the Aztec Eagles Built. Author: Dorinda Makanaonalani Nicholson.

(image: Lee and Low)

The School The Aztec Eagles Built is a fascinating and little-known World War II event; before the Aztec Eagles, Mexico’s 201st Air Force Squadron left Mexico to fight in the Second World War, President Camacho asked the men for any last requests. Sgt. Angel Bocanegra, a former school teacher, immediately asked for a school to be built in his rural village. Not only did the Aztec Eagles bravely fight in combat, but they made education possible for children who were previously unable to access it. This is an inspiring and heroic tale that emphasizes the Aztec Eagles’ importance in the war, as well as their compassion for their fellow citizens.


Children Like Me: A School Like Mine. Author: Penny Smith.

(Image: DK)

A School Like Mine: A Celebration of Schools Around the World is an updated version of DK’s previous edition of the same name. Readers follow children from various countries through a typical school day, complete with the eye-catching photography for which DK is noted.

The Way to School. Author: Rosemary McCarney with Plan International.

(Image: Second Story Press)

The Way to School is am eye-opening look at the many ways children in various countries get to school, often through different conditions, whether it’s climbing mountains, crossing rivers, or even going through disaster-stricken areas. Striking photos further illustrate the challenges that many children face in order to gain an education.

What are your favorite “back to school” books? Let us know in the comments!


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