ALA Annual 2017

Oh no she didn’t! #alaac17

Chicago, ALA2017, Irish, Windy City
First of many souvenirs!

Yes, she did. It only took me 22 years but I finally made it to my first Annual, friends. Don’t ask because it’s a long story, and we need to get to the point: I am here.  I’ve got meetings to go to and a couple of invitations, but first I am enjoying walking around #downtownchitown. This humidity has got my hair doing fabulous things.  I had my first Uber ride! I know, I’m super late on that. Ok, secret confession, I have not met up with any of my colleagues yet, and that will happen soon enough, but for now, EVERYONE I see is suspect. I look at everyone and wonder who is here for the conference and who is just here?  I’m eyeballing  library types or bookish types or folks wearing glasses or…I know, bad, but fun.  Someone did rattle the handle to my hotel room door in the wee hours. That was strange, and I got to use my best scary voice (the one I use during #Halloween story time) and watched thru the peephole as they scampered off.  Ok next post will have more to do with actual conference experiences, I think.

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