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Top Takeaways from 2017 FLA Conference

2017 FLA Conference

Two words – water. slide.

Ok, technically not one of the takeaways, but WOW!  what a site for a conference!

water slide






The FLA Conference will be held at Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida for two more years.  That’s two more chances to enjoy an amazing facility in the tinsel-coated heart of Orlando.  You have to be a guest to sashay down the slippery path of watery fun, but it is so worth it!

Turns out, I’m the only one who said this was a top-five takeaway.  Let’s explore what everyone else had to say.

Here’s Your Top 10 Takeaways!

  1. Networking!  This was the #1 of the takeaways by FLA conference attendees in an informal, unscientific poll.  Networking is a chance to catch up with colleagues, make new ones and hear about the latest from around the Sunshine State.
  2. Pre-Conference Rocked! – “We received very practical, helpful information that could be utilized immediately.”
  3. Performers Showcase – Hands down!  The showcase had an amazing array of incredible talent from around the world: “It was like going to a rock concert. It had everything.”
  4. Can’t. Pick. Just. One. Thing! – [brain explodes]
    1. Went to a session Friday Morning on Job Fairs, Quite informative!!

    2. The Human Library, followed by Thomas Fenton’s Leadership breakout session.

    3. The keynote speaker, Toni Tipton-Martin was pretty inspiring as well. 

    4. Hands-on clay to STEM program was superlative! (Editor: way to plug your own session, Jonathan!)
    5. Session on nurturing empathy in children through multicultural programming was inspiring and motivated me to want to make a difference!
  5. Poolside Ukulele Jam! – what a way to raise money for the scholarship fund!

Eye candy Takeaways!

Toni Tipton-Martin
2017 FLA Annual Conference
Keynote Speaker









Marianne Rodriguez
Nurturing Empathy through Multicultural Youth Programming









Elise VanCise
Get your geek on!








Orisirisi African Folklore at the Performers Showcase
Orisirisi African Folklore at the Performers Showcase









All photo takeaways courtesy of Elise VanCise.


  1. Elise VanCise

    This was my first FLA conference and was a fantastic experience. It was wonderful to meet everyone and I gained some valuable insights and knowledge. Looking forward to the next opportunity!

  2. Jonathan Dolce

    Glad you enjoyed it! Indeed, next year’s going to be even better!

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