Dust Off that Dissertation and Present for ALSC!

Present for ALSC - Research-to-Practice Webinar Series

You’ve put away your cap and gown, and the graduation festivities are over. The dissertation or thesis that you spent months or years writing is collecting dust on your desk. If you are wondering what to do with your research now that you have graduated, then ALSC has an opportunity for you!

The ALSC Education Committee recently announced its new research-to-practice webinar series. The purpose of the series is to disseminate current research via webinars, which are online, hour-long presentations offered free to ALSC members and anyone interested in attending. This new series is perfect for recent doctoral and master’s degree graduates who are looking for opportunities to share their dissertation or thesis research.

Five Reasons to Present Your Research

Graphic of a light bulb1. Librarians can learn from you. Sure, you completed your dissertation or thesis as a degree requirement, but one of the purposes of doing research is creating new knowledge that can improve practice. Your research and its practical implications can help fellow librarians solve problems, create a better experience for patrons, or inspire new ideas. Sharing your work can also help your colleagues stay in-the-know about current research and trends in the library field.

2. Presentations look great on your curriculum vitae or résumé. To be competitive in the job market, you need to present your work. Regardless of where you plan to work after you graduate, many prospective employers will view a presentation on your résumé as a sign of your initiative, leadership, and professional engagement. And if you are entering higher education, presenting your research is valued as a form of scholarship that brings positive attention to you and your university and may help you work toward tenure and promotion.

3. You can network with colleagues who share similar interests. Chances are, the people who sign up to attend your webinar have some interest in your research topic. Perhaps they will have questions or feedback you can consider as you disseminate your work in scholarly journals and conference presentations. And you never know – perhaps you’ll connect with someone who will want to collaborate with you on a new project!

4. You don’t have to travel to present a webinar. In many cases, when you present your work at a conference, you have to travel to a different location in your state or maybe a different part of the country. If you present your research with ALSC, you can deliver your presentation from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. ALSC will provide you with a headset, and you will have the opportunity to rehearse your webinar using our Adobe Connect platform so you feel well-prepared on the day of the presentation.

5. ALSC compensates webinar presenters. You will be paid $100 for developing and presenting your webinar (If you present with another person, the compensation is split between the presenters.). Not a bad start to paying back those student loans!

Are You Ready?

Have I convinced you to present your research for ALSC yet? If you’re ready to take the next step, visit ALSC’s online proposal form at Simply fill out the form and click “submit,” and the ALSC Education Committee will review your proposal and contact you with a decision within one month. If you have any questions about how to write a successful proposal, please view the Education Committee’s free webinar, How to Write Successful ALSC Webinar and Course Proposals. On behalf of the Education Committee, I look forward to receiving your proposal soon!

By Danielle Hartsfield
Co-Chair, ALSC Education Committee
Assistant Professor, University of North Georgia

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