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Celebrate Creativity! March is National Craft Month

Want to add some color and creativity to your displays and story times? Consider a crafts theme! Crafts include everything from sewing to woodworking, so there’s plenty of terrific books to choose from:


I Had a Favorite Hat by Boni Ashburn. Pictures by Robyn Ng.


(image taken from Abrams Books website)

Abrams Books is known for their emphasis on arts and graphic design, so it’s no surprise that “I Had A Favorite Hat” is teeming with fun and ingenuity! A young girl’s mother wants to put away her beach hat the at the end of the summer, but this young lady has other plans for her hat! She artfully redecorates it each season, which makes this a great addition to any seasonal program.


Joseph Had a Little Overcoat. By Simms Taback.

(image taken from Simms Taback website)

Simms Taback’s 2000 Caldecott Medal story (“Joseph Had a Little Overcoat”) about a ingenious tailor (based on an Eastern European folk song) is a longtime favorite read aloud. Careful observers will be able to guess what Joseph will make next from his overcoat.


Old MacDonald Had a Woodshop. Written by Lisa Shulman. Illustrated by Ashley Wolff.


(image taken from Ashley Wolff website)

There are many awesome takes on the “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” song; Lisa Shulman and Ashley Wolff’s adapation (“Old MacDonald Had a Woodshop”) celebrates the art of woodworking (featuring a female sheep!). Your story time audience will love the many opportunities for interaction.


The Pot That Juan Built. By Nancy Andrews-Goebel. Pictures by David Diaz.


(image taken from Lee & Low website)

Incorporating informational read alouds can be tricky, which is why “The Pot That Juan Built” is an ideal addition to a crafts theme. Nancy Andrews-Goebel and David Diaz’s take on the “House That Jack Built” rhyme features the work of Juan Quezada, a noted Mexican potter.


Do you have any favorite books that celebrate crafts? Let us know in the comments section!


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