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Five Reasons Why We All Need to be Reading More Board Books

While ordering some new board books to beef up our well-loved collection, I made a discovery.  These books pack a powerful punch of feel-good that we could all use. Here’s why you and I need to keep several nearby:

  1. Peace. More of this, please. Try Haiku Baby by Betsy Snyder. Feel the stress melt away. A friend of mine, a Ph.D. in Psychology, keeps this one in her purse.
  1. Delicious things to eat, and guilt is optional! Take a look at Food Trucks! by Jeffrey Burton. Whether you run to the nearest truck or not is up to you.
  1. Love. Cradle Me by Debbie Slier. Who wouldn’t want to be snuggled and treasured? I’m not hating on self-help books, but I think they could take a hint from board books and get to the point in fewer words.
  1. Board books involve very little time commitment. You’ll be done and on to your next task in just a few minutes,  and feeling a little less burdened.
  1. Board books are easy on the eyes. The colors are bright and the print is usually large. Some of us (okay, I do) need this.

I predict that once we are tired of coloring books, someone wise, famous or both will usher in board books as the new trend for the grown up crowd.

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