Celebrate Shark Week!

If you’ve noticed your 597.31 section rapidly depleting recently, you’re probably aware that it’s Shark Week! Children’s books about sharks are popular year-round at our libraries, but I always seek out the latest children’s books published about sharks when June/July creep closer. Thankfully, 2016 has brought us some attention-grabbing guides to these oft-misunderstood creatures:

DK sharks

Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures: A Visual Encyclopedia

(image taken from DK website)

DK books are insanely popular at our libraries, so I was pumped when I saw this massive and inviting guide to DEADLY OCEAN CREATURES. Shark advocates might bristle at the title, but this magnificent cover will insure that this book all but jumps into the hands of young shark aficionados. Readers will learn about the different classifications of sharks, how sharks care for their young, and how sharks hunt for their food, all incorporated into DK’s expert incorporation of stunning visuals and age-appropriate text.


(image taken from Sy Montgomery’s site)

The Scientists in the Field series is one of my all-time favorite nonfiction series, so I’m eager to read The Great White Shark Scientist; it’s not just an exploration of specific animals, but each volume often features a diverse array of scientists and local people working together to save a local species.


(image taken from US Macmillan)

What better way to beef up your shark books collection than with an official book from Discovery Channel? Shark Week: Everything You Need to Know profiles shark species, discusses shark attacks, how sharks protect themselves, and much more.



Image taken from National Geographic

Finally, National Geographic Kids’s recent Mission “X” rescue series is a must-read for young conservation advocates. Mission: Panda Rescue has been a huge hit at our libraries, so ordering Mission: Shark Rescue was a no-brainer. Rather than focus on the ferocity of these creatures, this focuses on the threats that sharks face, as well as current efforts to save these giants of the ocean, including ways that everyday citizens can undertake to save them.

Do you have any favorite shark books? Let us know in the comments!




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