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So long…farewell…

wiki commons search - author Stephan Brunet Macphreak
wiki commons search – author Stephan Brunet Macphreak

…Auf Wiedersehen…adieu!

It seems amazing to think that I have been blogging over here at the ALSC blog for 8 years now. But like all good things, it’s time for my regularly scheduled blogging here to come to an end.  It has been a wonderful experience that has led to great connections among other librarians and educators, as well as an opportunity to reflect on my own practice.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the folks who work on the back end as well as my fellow bloggers.  The ALSC blog is a fantastic resource that has truly grown over the years.  I know that I look forward to checking it everyday, and even more often during conference time.

I’d also  like to encourage readers to take the opportunity to become  regular posters.  Reflections of everyday practice, sharing out of program successes and challenges, talking up favorite books/apps/authors/sites, and writing about the joys and frustrations of our work is helpful not only to readers, but to our own work as well.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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