Staying Connected: Tech News for Patrons

The annual technology series at our library has revamped itself several times over the past few years. Moving from a more self- directed course structure through Gretchen Caserotti’s 21 Things program, to a weekly dose of tech news, we have sought out a commitment free way to inform patrons.

Desiring to expand our audience, and noticing a large amount of senior patrons at our technology classes for parents, we collaborated with adult services to market the events for kids, teens, parents, and other adults in the community. All our patrons can now receive weekly tech emails bringing them up to speed on resources and trends such as wearable health tech and online privacy.

Finding opportunities for dialogue is always a goal of the program, and there continues to be an adult audience for evaluating and selecting apps, discussing online security, and device troubleshooting. What seems to draw in younger patrons is adding multiple classes on 3D printing and design as well as boosting up our coding offerings.

Technology programs at the library have also allowed us to connect multiple generations, and this past year’s Gabbin’ with Grandkids made a huge impact. Hosted by Krishna Grady and Mallory Arents, the class introduced grandparents to virtual communication via Skype and FaceTime, while also instructing them on how to properly read a picture book. The session was the perfect fusion of tech and literacy education that it was recently repeated to a new group of seniors.

This time around tech at the library has definitely become a family affair and much, much, more. As librarians this weekly knowledge sharing has continued to benefit the entire community and given us another outlet for sharing resources about new technologies.

Claire Moore is a member of the Digital Content Task Force. She is also Head of Children and Teen Services at Darien Library in Connecticut. You can reach Claire at cmoore@darienlibrary.org.

Visit the Digital Media Resources page to find out more about navigating your way through the evolving digital landscape.

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